High road–Do the feds know what state knows?

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

State Education Secretary Paul Reville offered some welcome reassurance over the weekend when he told The Boston Globe that Massachusetts will not endorse any national education standards that are “not at least as rigorous as our own standards.”

Mr. Reville’s long service to education puts him in an excellent position to have observed and understood the value of high expectations in Massachusetts, even before the advent of the 1993 education reform law that has done so much to propel Bay State students to the front ranks of academic achievement… {Read more here}


Give us your feedback!

Welcome to WorldClassStandards!  As the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association seek to advance the draft Common Core Standards, we would like to make sure there is transparency in the process.  There have been a number of complaints about the CCSSI process on that score, and we want to help.

Pioneer Institute has created this site to post ALL feedback on the standards — all the feedback that submitters copy us on.  So, yes, submit your comments to the Common Core effort.  But copy us on it, and you will be sure that people across the country — experts, appointed and elected officials, interested parties and interested citizens — can see it and consider your view.

Our aim is to make sure the CCSSI effort is the best it can be.